Litsoc Main Quiz 2012



The customary last quiz of the academic year, LitSoc Main Quiz, was as eventful as could be. The prelim saw a fairly large turnout – with the coveted LitSoc trophy on the line, a major section of the participants were from the two hostels vying for the title. Sarasites and Mandakites who seemed like they had never seen the light of day suddenly discovered the quizzers within themselves and emerged in hordes.

The event was marred by a few teams comprising students from Mandakini Hostel relying on each other and their internet-enabled phones to crack the answers. With proof emerging from eyewitness accounts that the accusations did hold water, the situation demanded difficult decisions from the side of organisers. After much deliberation with the parties involved, a strong stance was taken by them, to popular approval. Teams against whom eyewitness accounts existed were disqualified, including those that comprised Core group and Executive Wing members. An extra round was held for the remaining contenders, and ultimately, the best teams made it to the final round.

The decision to hold the final at Himalaya lawns after mess hours raised a few eyebrows, and inevitably there were delays in setting up the required equipment. The controversy surrounding the ‘Google-gate scandal’ however, did not in any way deter the enthusiasm of the finalists. Questions on both bounce and pounce, innovative theme rounds, A-Zs and more were lapped up with glee by the participants. Sports and entertainment formed the basis for many of the questions, but considering the background of one of the coords, it was inevitable and hence, ignored.

For all the final year quiz club regulars, this was the last quiz of their life in insti. A couple of them from Jam made the most of it – their antics (ref. pic) took everybody’s minds off the more serious issues at hand. The quiz went well into the wee hours of the morning but no one really seemed to mind. Irrespective of the controversies marring the ‘Black Sunday’ of LitSoc, it was quizzing that triumphed in the end.


1st place –

  • Sandeep Menon – Tambi
  • Jayadev Bhaskaran – Mandak
  • Swaroop Ramaswamy – Tapti

2nd place –

  • Achyuth Sanjay – Godav
  • Varun Joshi – Alak
  • Vinay Sridhar – Alak

3rd place –

  • Joseph C Joseph – Jam
  • Advaith Sankar Mohan – Pampa
  • Arujunan N Haradwaj – Jam

4th place –

  • Keerthan Ravi – Mandak
  • Arun Nair – Narmad
  • Arjun Bhagoji – Alak

5th place –

  • Aditya Shankar – Mandak
  • Prashant Srinivasan – Mandak
  • Mayank N.K. Choudhary – Mandak

6th place (freshie team) –

  • Aravindabharathi – Alak
  • Akshay Krishna – Jam
  • Vedanth – Narmad

7th place –

  • Swarun Krishna – Saras
  • PK Adithya – Narmad
  • Barath – Tapti

8th place –

  • Ashwin P – Saras
  • Anand Rao – Alak
  • Akshay Rangamani – Alak

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