Litsoc Kicks Off With Queen of Sheeba


by B Sashikanth

from the burger eating competition

This year’s Queen of Sheeba was refreshingly new, breaking away from a stereotype with which it was associated over the past few years. The coordinators managed to make the event interesting and fun even for the people who were too lazy to run around collecting items at the behest of the Queen. Of this, a certain former Soc-Sec of Saras told a former coordinator of QOS: “Dude, QoS was revolutionized the moment you were out”. This may have been the case.

IMG_3921The novel preliminary event, wherein each hostel was required to complete seven tasks, had them scrambling around to increase Google search rankings while causing a great deal of embarrassment to both Cul-Secs. This time Lit-soc undertook what was intended to be social service by allocating five points each for a blood donation certificate. What really stood out was the task to remake Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video. It was amusing to watch the Ganga Soc-Secretary standing on a cycle with a camera in his hand beside the insti bus’ windshield to shoot certain scenes of the video. Godav and Saras used a tricycle and an auto respectively.

On D-day, there was the usual frenzy of freshers running around and of the Lit-Secs and Soc-Secs of the hostels barking out orders. This time the Queen, in addition to her outrageous demands for esoteric items, also demanded that certain “tasks” be performed by her minions. As a result the eternal sitcom viewer could finally put his skills to use in the Trivia quiz, while foodies had something to look forward to in the burger eating contest. The Cul-Sec (lit) displayed true mettle in the burger eating competition by gulping down 4 burgers and coming second while Prajwal (Godav) stood first with 5 burgers. These combined with the peeling the hardboiled egg, marble picking with chopsticks and the test of tachygraphy added a lot to the fun quotient of the event.

Overall, according to the Saarang Security cores, it was one of the fairest QoSes ever. Its been rumoured that the event cores were locked up and not allowed to venture out into the open, in fear of a possible kidnap, and to prevent bias towards their hostels. To alleviate their boredom during their house arrest, the Cul-Sec (lit) sang and danced to the tunes of ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’.



Mandak placed first in the end while Godav and Ganga secured second and third positions respectively. It came as a surprise that Ganga and Mandak made it through even though they had just 38 and 39 freshies, as freshies traditionally form the main work force behind QoS for any hostel.

photos courtesy Akshay S and Mishel

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