LitSoc JAM


CLT. November 10, 6.30 PM.

JAMYet another LitSoc event. But was something missing? Well, yeah- a couple of participants and a mod, among other things. Insti standard time is the bomb! In the meantime, the crowd picked up some TuE fundas by watching guys repair the buzzer till like 7. That’s when the event finally kicked off, with Lighter being the dude and enlightening the crowd on the do’s and the don’ts of JAM (”The Mod is God, everything else is irrelevant” was one line that sounded all important). Then came Akshay- The “random college mod” (quoting Lighter again) who took a while to analyze some crowd statistics before getting down to business. He seemed pretty happy that quite a few people had turned up, considering the fact that the endsems (holy cow!) were just around the corner.

First things first- The mod made it clear that he wanted a “speaky-speaky” JAM and not a “buzzy-buzzy” one. He also tried to push his luck a bit and slip the fact that it wouldn’t be a *dirty* jam past the crowd unnoticed, but that didn’t work out too well. So thanks to popular demand, dirty jam was good to go! In the meantime the buzzer kept misbehaving (and left participants clapping/jumping/slapping thighs instead throughout the event).

There were a couple of prelims to pick the final eight, and these involved much more than plain objections, buzzes and moderation. Highlights incude ;

First round : A couple of tantalizing starts, Akhila’s claims of having “interesting” things to talk about, and the notorious speaker number 4. Speaker number 4 who buzzed for everything, like some hazy psychic muggu (God bless Lolly for buzz-blocking speaker 4’s buzzer!). Oh and the freshie who checked DAS’ legs out. But still pretty insignificant compared to number 4- The peanut-butter to this JAM.

Second round : The fun round! Abacus made it nice and trip-py thanks to his post-modification prowess. Oh and there was Lighter’s obsession with using the gerund form of the word “suck”, apparently as a noun (Wren & Martin & Lighter!). Somewhere in the middle of the round the mod’s genes got dragged into the picture and the crowd and the participants had a great time, much to the dismay of the mod.

Third round : The newspaper/pervy round. 1 Post, 2 Globes and 8 Times (2^7, for all you cryptographers). Potential uses of water courtesy Kobi. And Mistake’s objection to the word “legs” not being pre-qualified in a sentence.

Fourth round : The slow round. Everyone was looking forward to the final showdown!

The crowd was pretty involved in the whole thing, so that made the whole event come to life. Boring participants/crazy objections/blah-blah’s were countered with really loud cries of “Bhakwaas!” from the junta, with the occasional “Go Tapti!” popping out of nowhere.

The mod, now done with the prelims, came up with the list of finalists- Avantika, Abacus, DAS, Sample, Mistake, Lighter, Anirudh and IP.

Then came the finals- The highlight of the night!

Mod-God is god for coming up with the topics. Infinite trips and innuendos, and George W. Bush. The junta on stage were hilarious- They said the most random things, and did the most random things! Sample even went to the extent of buzzing himself. On a more serious note, ‘Internet downloads’ was declared as not being Queen’s english (As random as it may sound).

Next ping came ping the ping ping ping round ping! Hectic jammers jamming ping between the words while speaking on the weirdest of topics! Yes, it was fun and yes, there was a bit of frustration when someone slurred or missed their pings (that’s when they went s*** ping!).

The kufiya round. No 4-letter words-> no words starting with A-> no 5 letter words-> no words starting with F. The round with a restricted vocabulary domain with variable restrictions! A battle of (certain) words and wits!

But wait, the mod had another crowd-pleasing ace up his sleeve! A screening of the assumption song- The Farmer’s Daughter. It was insane! (Check it out on YouTube if you haven’t already). The fact that the next round was based on what was done in the song got everyone all stoked about it. All the jammers had to do was put in a word that rhymed with another dirty word in every sentence they churned out. Piece of cake, you think? Anyway, the Spice Girls were in the line of fire and the round was filled with maggots, ducks, boars and kitties. Hmmm… Interesting.

And so the event rolled on to its inevitable end, sometime around 11 PM. As the CLT crowd drained out, the scores were finalized and the results were announced. Here’s how they went ;

First : Sample (Narmad)
Second : Lighter (Tapti)
Third : Abacus (Jam)
Fourth : Mistake (Jam)
Fifth : DAS (Ganga)
Sixth : IP (Saras)
Seventh : Avantika (Sharav)
Eighth : Anirudh (Mandak)

Hats off to the coords and the Mod for pulling it off so well!

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