LitSoc India Quiz


And, Lit Soc quizzing begins.

With two Mallus at the helm, CLT was all set to crack questions about coconut oil and Mammooty. But, all the accusations didn’t hold water when the questions began. Clearly, the co-ords had done a thorough job of making the India Quiz as Indian as possible. There were a couple of questions about Bangladesh and Pakistan, which lead to a suggestion that this was a SAARC quiz ; but, compared to last year, these guys were as Indian as Karunanidhi’s veshti.

A fair number of pretty good questions made the quiz worth its salt. The co-ords did very well in encompassing most fields that you would associate India with, from Classical Music to Bollywood and from Sport to Politics (including Indian-American politicians). But, in the process, this quiz lost the insti-ness that the other quizzes possess. The questions were mostly trivia based, which didn’t help crowd interest.

And the ever present BSOD returned again, to grace us with his (?) presence. Also, there was a bit of a scuffle after the prelims, where the co-ords used the phrase ‘Quizmaster’s discrestion’ quite liberally.

The final eight finalist teams vacillated between good and bad, with some pretty easy questions getting passed by more than a few teams. Many seasoned quizzers were missing from the final, showing how focussed LitSoc quizzes are on the West. Also, the finals were surprisingly short compared to an average Lit Soc quiz. On the whole, The India Quiz was extremely good. Here’s hoping the tradition continues.

The Final Standings were :

1. Bhadwa (Saras), Bhavin (Saras), Midhun (Godav)
2. Khuju (Tambi), Niketh (Narmad), Panicker(Tambi)
3. Arbit(Tambi), Kommu(Tambi), Neeraj(Tambi)
4. Aravind (Jam), Chinmoy (Godav), Srivats(Tambi)
5. Amrita (Sharav), Anand (Mandak), Vishnu(thambi)

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