Litsoc: Choreo Night


Smita Majumdar, Correspondent


The most popular Lit-Soc event of the semester, Choreo Night, was a big success. Students showed up in large numbers to cheer for their respective hostels. Each of the participating hostels put up a commendable performance. This year’s Choreo performances also saw increased freshie participation.

Quite a few of the hostels had themes for their dance performances. The themes ranged from Saras’ ‘Illusions’ based on magic tricks to Sarayu’s well knit theme based on Indian mythology. Some of the other themes were Mandak’s entertaining mimicry of other hostels and Sharav’s ‘Reality Show’ theme based on the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

Mandak redefined ‘TV Show’ with their performance, portraying all of Choreo Night as if it were on television, and did not fail to entertain the crowd and the judges with their creativity and skill. Saras, with their levitation and other intricate magic tricks combined with excellent dancing, were well recieved by the audience. These two hostels placed first and second respectively.


Four hostels – Sharav, Saras, Narmad and Godav – also had informal Team B performances in which the final year students of each of the hostels went up on stage and danced to popular numbers.

However, going by audience feedback, the quality of performances in this year’s Choreo Night seemed to have deteriorated. Members of the Sharav Choreo team generated much excitement among the crowd with their fancy costumes, but failed to sustain it.

The judges, Raghu G and Sandy, also did a small dance for the audience while announcing the winners. They praised the hostels for the effort put into each one of the performances and were impressed by the professional level of performance shown by the students; especially Mandak – for their entertaining and engaging show.

Choreo Night as a highly anticipated fun event did not fail to delight the crowd. With its lineup of winners it also brought about some unexpected changes in the Lit Soc score board, especially for Sarayu.


  1. Mandaak
  2. Saras
  3. Sarayu

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