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With the Inter-IIT Sports Meet coming up, the sports scene is buzzing with excitement and “feel”. The Aquatics meet being less than a fortnight away, here’s everything you need to know about the games.



What does the Meet hope to achieve?

As the Inter-IIT Rule Book notes, the main objective of Inter IIT Sports Meet is “to organize sports competitions in some selected Olympics-recognized events, to encourage sportsmanship, to promote and create a better harmony, understanding and friendly interaction among the students of the IITs as well as to foster a close association among them”

It also goes on add, “to make students aware of the importance of sports and games in a modern era, to help students perform skillfully in all life situations and also raise the standard of sports in IIT’s”


What’s the scale of the meet, exactly?

The meet is going to be a visual extravaganza even in terms of sheer number of sports – 13 in all, counting Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball,  Cricket, Football, Hockey, Squash, Water Polo, and Weightlifting. While the men’s teams will compete in all the thirteen sports, the women’s teams will compete in only the first seven on the list.

The total number of students expected to come down to the main meet is 3000, with an upper cap of 165 athletes – 123 men and 42 women – from each of the IIT’s. And if you haven’t already heard, a total of 10 crores has been raised from alumni to step up the sports infrastructure on the campus. This is different from the total organization budget, which is itself to the tune of several crores.


Hmm. Interesting. But who all make it to Inter-IIT?

All bona fide full-time students of all IITs, who will be getting a degree/diploma from the concerned IIT, are eligible to represent their Institute at the Meet.Our institute teams hold practice throughout the odd sem, or throughout the year in the case of a few teams. IP’s and mails are sent with respect to the details of when and where to attend, best part being it’s open for everyone who is interested. Also note, one can take part in a maximum of three events. You don’t have to stick to one sport.


Hey, what’s up with the infrastructure? I have been waiting for the Stadium to open. 

There are now synthetic basketball courts, and an athletics synthetic track is coming up in the stadium, which would make IIT Madras the only IIT with a synthetic track. Having a synthetic track over mud tracks is useful as rain usually plays spoil sport in December. In addition, the football field is being relaid. and new basketball and volleyball courts are being expected in the premises of Krishna and Cauvery. September 15 is the deadline for completion of all ongoing works.


I vaguely remember something about Madras having won the most number of ‘GC’s. I’m sli confused  – what’s this GC?

GC is in reference to the General Championship – the championship awarded to the IIT with the highest overall tally in Men’s and Women’s category. IIT Madras has won the highest number of  Men’s General Championships – 18 in all, the last one, however, being in a distant 2011. Even the women haven’t lifted a GC in the recent past.

In an inclusive step, a new Overall Championship is being introduced that’ll be awarded to the IIT with the highest combined points tally in Men’s and Women’s sports. This will be over and above the individual Men’s and Women’s Championships.

The Inter-IIT Board, comprising of representation from all IIT’s, also ruled that whichever IIT wins the Overall Championship three times consecutively will be recognized in addition to a non rolling trophy presented each year.


Oh. Nice. What else is different from the Bombay Meet?

There’s a new 1500m running event for Women and the maximum strength of Women’s contingent has been increased accordingly. The notorious March Past which used to make or break several GC dreams, will now not be counted towards the individual championships, but only the Overall Championship. A reason for cheer in all the sports contingents, nevertheless!


Eh, I forgot to ask! What are the dates?

There are three meets in all – Aquatics, Main and Staff meets. Owing to the December chill, especially in the northern IIT’s, Swimming and Waterpolo are organized in October itself. This is followed by the Main Meet in December. The staff meet is held after the Main meet for the PTI, grounds staff and faculty to compete. The dates are as follows:


Aquatics meet: October 1 – October 4,2015

Main meet : December 14- December 21,2015

Staff meet : December 23-December 27,2015


So, as you see, Aquatics meet is going to be held in the semester. Please come support the home team if you are around. You could also plan your December vacation accordingly to witness the Main meet.

Sure. What do I wear when I turn up to support Madras?

All IITs have Primary and Secondary Colors. A look at the following picture may give you a brief idea of the participating IIT’s and their colors. Madras’ primary color is Dark Orange and secondary color is Black.


inter iit colors


What’s in it for me?

Pride, of course. Also, with all IIT’s participating, the level and intensity of participation is something that is going to be electrifying. IIT-M definitely needs a lot of home support to overcome some tough competition. Inter-IIT also has its very own set of lectures and pro-shows with some very popular names expected to garner the stage to inspire and enthrall the athletes and the audiences.


This in an article in our Fever Pitch series on Inter-IIT 2015. Enthusiastic sports writers are welcome to join T5E, as we aim for an extensive coverage of the Sports Meet. Drop an e-mail to [email protected], if interested.

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