Institute Ice-cream Night


Institute Ice-cream nightFollowing the recent findings that IITM graduates are more likely to go bald due to the extreme academic pressure they face in their college lives, the administration has begun a slew of measures to ensure that students feel more at home and relaxed in campus, especially during the end semester examinations.

The first of these initiatives will be the ‘Institute Ice-Cream Night’, to be held on the Wednesday before the end-semester examinations begin. It will be patterned after the hostel ice-cream nights and will most likely be held either at the OAT or the stadium. Faculty members will also be invited to take part in the event, as studies have shown that examinations tend to alienate the teaching staff from the student body. It is hoped that meeting and sharing ice cream in a congenial atmosphere will foster friendship between two parties.

“Cooperation and congeniality are the cornerstones that IITM was founded on,” said one of the members of the Executive Wing, “whether it is between science and industry, or engineers and the nation, or, in this case, between students and faculty.”

Many leading suppliers of ice-cream in the city have already evinced interest in the tendering process. Although the dates and programme for the event have not been finalised, the rumours have already stirred up considerable excitement among the student body. “I think it is a great initiative from the admin’s side,” said Anand Rao, a final year student of Electrical Engineering, “It feels good to know that they are concerned about our feelings too.”

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