Insti Food Survey 2022: Eating joints in Insti


Note: T5E’s Insti Food Survey 2022 was conducted in October to critique insti’s messes and eateries and assess the nutritional intake of students at IIT Madras. The survey had 543 responses across the entire junta.

This article focuses on comparing eateries of insti across various attributes.


Quantity served

Deli pizzeria has the least mean rating of 2.2, Waah Hyderabadi has the best out of the others with an average rating of 3.5, followed by Cool biz with 3.23.

Waiting time

Cool biz has the longest mean waiting time with a rating of 3.3; the quickest of the HFC eateries is  Waah Hyderabadi, with 2.72.

Value for money

Waah Hyderabadi has the best average rating for value for money. On the other hand, Deli Pizzeria has the worst rating, implying that the price is high and the quality and quantity were not appealing considering the price. 


Cleanliness of plates and utensils

CCD has perfectly cleaned plates and utensils, while Anjappar and Campus Cafe need to catch up in cleanliness.

Waiting time

Anjappar has the highest average waiting time, Campus Cafe has the lowest relative waiting time.

Value for money

Usha cafe tops the charts, and CCD has the least mean rating for value for money.


Anjappar has the least hygienic quality compared to any eatery on campus. Cool Biz near the library tends to show a better hygiene rating than the other eateries in insti apart from HFC.

Quantity served

CCD serves the least quantity, and Cool Biz tops the chart here.

Monkey nuisance

Monkeys have always been trouble near SFC and Anjappar. However, this has been especially problematic at SFC. Deer have been seen to feed on the trash outside SFC, which must be dealt with immediately.

Enough eating joints in Insti?

More than 75% of the respondents felt that the institute needs more eating joints. Most of them felt there needed to be at least one 24/7 eatery serving tea and snacks.

What kind of eating joints do you want to see?

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