Independence Day Celebrations



Vinodini Nair, special correspondent

A programme commemorating India’s 64th anniversary of Independence was held beside the IITM administrative block at 8am. The large gathering of students and faculty were addressed by the acting Chairman of the institute, Prof. V.G.Idichandy, in a speech that paid homage to the heroes of the National Movement. Prof. Idichandy overviewed India’s economic and social evolution, a process that spanned from the optimistic visions of Nehru, through stagnation and emergency under Indira Gandhi, upto the economic reforms and liberalization initiated during the term of Narasimha Rao. He reminded the audience of the pivotal role played by the IITs in the promotion of science and technology in the country during the past decades.

The address was followed by renditions of patriotic songs by students and faculty members, which was comprised of solos accompanied by instruments and choir songs in several Indian languages. Prof. L S Ganesan, who coordinated this musical event, observed that participation this year had been particularly enthusiastic.

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