How to Watch Your Season Openers: TBBT


tbbtIMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Our Rating: 7.75/10
Release Date: September 21, 2009
Season: 3 (S03E01)

The first few minutes of the episode is the goriest sight you will ever see. EVER. Howard, Raj and Leonard have the most monstrous beards and Sheldon looks remarkably like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. Apparently, Gillette isn’t very popular in the Arctic Circle.

Although the first few jokes seem a little laboured, the episode picks up from there – my favourite part if when Sheldon tries to convince his mother about the logical fallacy of something she says and she thinks that he is “sassing her in Eskimo talk”. The episode becomes infinitely less gory after the Arctic explorers decide to shave – all except Howard whose new look sparks off a debate over whether it’s a Clooney look or a Luigi look.

Anyway, Sheldon goes through some tough times in the episode when he discovers that what he believed to be proof for String Theory was in fact static caused by an electric can opener. He is so distraught that he runs away to his mother in Texas. And here, we are treated to a sterling performance by the versatile Laurie Metcalf as Sheldon’s mother. In an attempt to induce him to come back, Howard (dressed as a cowboy), Raj, Leonard and Penny visit him in Texas. To find out if their coaxing works, watch the episode

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