From the Horse’s Mouth: Why Saarang?


Thinking of PoRs in insti and not talk about Saarang Coordship is close to blasphemy, if we may say so. Saarang, one of the biggest cultural fests in the country, is a good place to get started with your PoRs in insti. A completely student-organised fests, the learning curve that each of its departments have to offer is huge and worth every bit of effort you put to get selected as a coordinator. Here, we put together the various departments in Saarang and the work expected of a Coordinator. Read on to find out more!



Graphic Design:

  • Posters, websites, t shirts
  • Gets to intern at startups


One of the departments with the steepest learning curves, this team trains people interested in photography, videography, VFX and Audiography and set the platform to put the skills attained into action.

Saarang 2017’s aftermovie can be found here.


Ever wanted to have a fun filled workplace to show off your artistic skills or even to learn new skills? Saarang Ambience team is the right place for you. These are the ones who work together as a team to bring out the festive feel of Saarang through ambience projects. The team aims in giving a visual treat for the people who come in and make sure that it is one unforgettable ambience they have ever seen. You get to develop good personal contacts and see how teamwork can produce wonderful results. Join us and make good memories that you will cherish forever.


If you are a coding enthusiast, this is the right department for you. During the six month period you will not only learn about the basics of web and mobile development but also learn what professionals do and what the latest trends are. You may be part of projects that haven’t been tried before in insti.

Ever got into a situation where you thought that there should be an app or a website to solve the problem at hand? By the end of your coordship, you will have the knowledge to solve that problem on your own. And this goes without saying that the demand for good web and mobile developers is increasing day by day.


The Sponsorship & PR- Creative & Media Team, SAARANG opens its doors for you with one of the best and most diverse second year coordship. With one of the steepest learning curves, the Creatives team needs to understand the different aspects of their multi-faceted job and take up each of them with responsibility and conviction.

Diversity of Roles:

  1. Innovate while managing and creating creative-content for all the existing social media handles.
  2. Look out for new avenues to enhance the Saarang brand amongst our target audience.
  3. Build a strong PR and social campaign, working in collaboration with all the other departments at Saarang, and even professional experts from outside Saarang.
  4. Get Merchandise, Goodies, Vouchers and other incentives in the form of kind for Saarang.

In short, you are a part of the team that envisions how Saarang appears to the outside and build the Saarang Brand on a whole.

To put it simply, NO CASH – NO SAARANG!


Publicity, Outreach and Branding:

Hear, hear !!

  • Aspire to lead 400 odd ‘coordinators’ from different colleges ?
  • Aspire to conduct a Saarang level fest in your hometown?
  • Aspire to be the Cul-Sec of your fest in your sophomore year?

Saarang goes beyond Chennai to reach out to the youths of India with Milan. Saarang Milan is a set of events including music, dance, quizzing, and art, held in various cities, across India before the main fest, attracting and facilitating the talented participants, thus adding to Saarang’s diversity and reach.

As a publicity coordinator, you will be conducting Milans in your city and hence, branding Saarang. Effectively, you will be micromanaging a show of your own while acquiring the ability to think on your feet and managerial skills. Additionally, the publicity coordinator will be influential in building relations with like minded people, students of other colleges. By virtue of being part of the team, you will be guaranteed of a learning curve that very few teams can boast of.

Here’s a small collection of snapshots of the team’s achievements throughout the years:

For further updates, use the whatsapp group invite:



“We care for you”

The hospitality team offers you a position to deal with a huge number of people, interact with them, anticipate their needs, giving attention to their details and ensuring a safe and comfortable stay to the participants during Saarang. The coordinators get to respond according to the situations, improve their communication and interpersonal skills, and develop their leadership and managerial skills.

Have you ever felt satisfied demonstrating care to people? Then join them and make hospitality and Saarang a better place for accommodation and guide people during Saarang. As hospitality has 9 sub departments, you get a chance to work with all other teams in Saarang. Be a part of the team which creates a direct impact on impression created on Saarang among all the attendees, as people call them the “The Face of Saarang”.


Marketing & Sales:

Did you ever convince someone to buy something? Did you ever negotiate with someone to turn the things in your favour? If the answer is Yes, then Marketing and sales is the right team to join. Even if you don’t have those skills, if you want ot learn, then this will be the ideal place to start. Even DCs will be negotiating deals worth 5 lakhs. That will be the kind of freedom you will be given. But don’t be scared. You will be guided at every step and  action.

This year there are plans to push for revolutionary changes and being in the team at such time will give you the much needed exposure and a steep learning curve.Not to mention the free t-shirts and the proshow tickets as added perks to this coordship.


As a Proshows deputy coordinator, one is part of the team that manages and organizes one of the best lineups among the college fests in the country. Along with that, you will be part of a team that handles close to half of the festivals budget. A Deputy Coordinator will not only be handling and managing Indian artists, but also internationally renowned artists and will be effectively  managing a show of their own. You will acquire negotiation and managerial skills along with the ability to think and act on your feet. The deputy coordinator will be micromanaging and will have a great working relationship with all the other verticals of Saarang. Hence, you will be guaranteed of a learning curve that very few teams can boast of. By virtue of being part of the team, anything and everything you do will have an impact on Saarang as a whole.


Safety & Security:

Safety & security department’s prime motive is to achieve an ever improving & safe and secure functioning of Saarang. They enact to make sure artists and audience have fun filled memories to cherish in their lives without compromising on their safety. They strive to achieve a Self-sustained, Artists and audience Friendly Environment during professional shows which is the face of the Saarang. They manage the crowd in and out of Saarang and particularly in OAT during Proshows. The team has three levels

  • Volunteers will be responsible for managing the crowd in and around the OAT.
  • Coordinators are responsible for guiding the volunteers in managing the crowd and queues. Coordinators are also responsible for procuring the requirements of security department ( Walkie-Talkies, Wrist bands etc).
  • Super coordinators will be responsible for swapping and managing coordinators of assigned gates. Resolving any issues of the crowd and diverting the queue to gate with less people.



Saarang takes pride in being the biggest student run festival in the country. It takes a huge team and a lot of effort to make Saarang what it is and it is the QMS team that is responsible for bringing all the departments of Saarang together. This team ensures that Saarang is run adhering to the newly  acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification guidelines. The QMS team does not limit itself to the audit and QMS managers, it has another part to it- the analytics team.

The Analytics team:

Lead by the Analytics head this team analyses all the information and data available to Saarang to help improve its quality and efficiency. They support various departments of Saarang in making data driven decisions and analysing feedback.

QMS Managers:

  • Responsible for maintaining the quality of one of the departments of Saarang
  • Being the interdepartmental link for that department.
  • Representative of the department in the ISO audit

With so much to offer for an aspiring coordinator, Saarang is a wonderful place to get started with your PoRs in insti. We hope we have helped you make an informed choice in that direction.

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