Bristles of Creativity


by Isha Bhallamudi and Viswajith V

As insti residents walked through campus yesterday and today, they could tell that something had changed. Something small, yet noticeable — as most people eventually realized with a mixture of curiosity, amusement and delight, the yellow dustbins spread throughout campus had undergone a makeover.

Yesterday (the 13th of August, that is), the Fine Arts Club organized a bin-painting event, open to everyone who was interested. The event was publicized through IPs in hostels, a Facebook Event, and smails, and the response was quite enthusiastic — and the response to the painted bins was even more positive.

Under the club conveners, Srishti Jain and Prudhvi Raj, the volunteers quickly organized themselves into groups and set out to paint the bins just as evening began to fall. Supplies were aplenty, excitement ran high, and everyone was free to paint what they pleased.

The outcome was great — by the end of the day, the garbage bins of insti were expressing all kinds of thoughts and themes.

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