Election Matters – Video Manifestos


Ahead of the institute elections, candidates standing for institute posts summarize their vision and highlight the issues they want to address when elected.

Students’ General Secretary

Purab Jain (CH12B089)

“To efficiently tackle problems concerning the entire student body, thereby making IIT Madras a safer, more inclusive and accessible campus”

Sreeharsha G. (BE12B010) 

“Aiming towards a secure and student-friendly IIT Madras”


Hostel Affairs Secretary

Kishore KS (CE13B025)

“To act as a representative for students, by placing their interests above everything else, and being the earphone and mouthpiece to the best of my capabilities.

Build a system that rests on the pillars of transparency in internal affairs, and sustainability, keeping in line with the tradition of a greener institute.”

Sports Secretary

Sethu Madhavan ( CE12B076)

“Sport for All and All for Sport: To provide the entire student body with the infrastructure and motivation to holistically develop both themselves and the institute sporting culture.”

Cultural Affairs Secretary (Literary)

Mehul Chaudhury (CH13B041)

“Through a medium of creative art & literary curriculum, clubs shall aim to encourage student’s interest, participation and develop talent, Lit-Soc shall be the platform to showcase it and Saarang will be the stage to cherish it”


Shreyas Harish (CS13B062)

“To create a culture that encompasses and supports the aspirations of every member of the student body.
To build the infrastructure that promotes the development of this culture, both in the present and the future.”

Cultural Affairs Secretary (Arts)

Gokulesh T.G. (ME13B154)

“To ensure Sangam and LitSoc drive pan-institute inclusivity
To elevate the Saarang Experience and enhance the Saarang Brand”

CoCurricular Affairs Secretary

Animesh Bagora

“To excel in technical activities both within and outside the campus while engaging all the stake holders”

Candidates standing for the post of Academic Affairs Secretary (AAS), Co-curricular Affairs Secretary (Co-CAS), International and Alumni Relations (I&AR) Secretary and Research Affairs Secretary (RAS) are yet to send it their video manifestos. Please follow T5E’s YouTube channel for these updates.

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