Dean’s Trophy Chess Report


Dean’s Trophy Chess was held on the 22nd & 23rd of January in the Sports Complex. Defending champions Saras won again in convincing style after wiping out Sindhu 4-0 in the last round of this Swiss format tournament, having defeated all their opponents except Ganga in five rounds. Ganga placed second with a lesser total while Mandak bagged third place. Saras’s strong team consisted of a band of talented second year players who dropped only four points to total 16 out of 20.

Competition was strongest in the first board, featuring many rated players. Ganga’s strong player, Nishaanth, suffered a shock defeat to Mandak unrated first year Digvijay Bhandari in the penultimate round.Bhandari went on to score 4/5. Sharavati’s first board player Sohini also gave a commendable performance. Pratik Shriwas, former institute captain, dominated the second board with a perfect score.

Final Standings:
Saras 16
Ganga 15
Mandak 12

Mandak's Digvijay Bhandari against Sohini
Saras (left) during the final round with Sindhu
Dean's Trophy chess tactic: Black to move, from Ganga vs Pampa (1st board), final round. In this position black went Nxc4!. If Nxc8, Ne2+ Kf2 Nxc2 and black is a pawn up, as in the game after dxc4 cxd6. Nxc4? Qxb7;
Pratik Shriwas (right) wraps up the tournament

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