Cyclone Vardah: The Aftermath (Part 1)


Cyclone Vardah has left the state leaving behind a trail of considerable devastation of which the institute had its share. With things back to normal in insti- except for the wrenching absence of several trees-we look back with at the crisis and how it was handled by concerned authorities. In this brief report we talk to the Khaveiya from the Disaster Management Committee and the Kishore KS, the Hostel Affair Secretary.

According to the DMC, the situation in campus was mostly under control inside as the security, electrical maintanence and engineering units worked extensively post the disaster and focussed primarily on clearance of debris on all the important roads. Though the DMC had sent out smail alerts about the cyclone, major parts of the institute had lost power and network connectivity as soon as the cyclone struck and these proved to be ineffective. The DMC continues to be in discussion with the security team and work with them to manage the aftermath of the disaster.

Hats off also to the many, many student volunteers who could be seen in the hours and days immediately following the cyclone helping to clear the trees blocking the roads from the early hours of the morning. Kishore confirms this, adding that on the 13th, many student volunteers began to assist the administration in clearing fallen trees.

Moreover, Zaitoon, Leo Fortune, Ramu Tea stall and Gurunath were working and provided food for students on credit until their stocks lasted, with students only having to show ID cards to avail of the goods. Kishore also tells T5E that most of the messes were operational till 4 pm in the afternoon and till 10:30 pm in the night. Some messes, which had inventory shortage, couldn’t extend till very late. Commendably, many messes served students who were not registered there, given the situation. Some, such a SK mess, remained open till midnight on occasion during the cyclone. 

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