TechSoc 2009-10 has started with Contraptions being held on the 20th of September. A total of 8 hostels (Jam, Mandak, Narmad, Ganga, Tapti, Alak, Sharav and Godav) took part in the event with the winners getting a shot at Contraptions at Shaastra 2009. Most teams found the dominoes part the easiest to work with, while recurring contraptions was challenging and required a significant amount of innovative thinking and effort to make it work.

Teams started assembling their contraption models at the SAC as early as 6 am and each team had a delight to present. Jam, used the vibration from a cellular phone successfully while Mandak, with all their electronic circuits and sensors managed getting almost all possible forms of energy transfer and even generated electrical energy at one point. Godav incorporated electromagnets, while Sharav went about using matchboxes as dominoes with a design that facilitated about 35 energy transfers. Narmad, with an entirely robotic and automated recurring contraption won the competition with a tally of 2400 points with Alak and Godav completing the list.

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