Badminton Schroeter



After the group matches, four teams qualified to the semi-finals – Alakananda, Ganga, Jamuna and Tapti. The semi-finals took place in SAC badminton court on 10 and 11 of March 2012.

The first row of semi-finals was between Alakananda and Ganga on 10th March. The first singles, played between Harish (Alak) and Shiresh (Ganga), went on to the third set after both of them won a set each, but was finally won by Harish. The second singles match was between Rohan (Alak) and Aneesh (Ganga), which was won by Aneesh. The third singles was a one man show from Chandrasekhar (Alak) as he easily defeated Chaithanya (Ganga) in direct sets. In doubles, the Chandrasekhar-Harish team defeated the Shiresh-Chaitanya team in straight sets. Thus Alakananda won by 3-1 and swooshed into the finals to meet the winner of Tapti v/s Jamuna semi-finals.

Krishnakanth (Tapti) met Arvind (Jamuna) in the second semi-finals, and won through direct sets, though the scores were very close which kept the spectators from both hostels in suspense. The second singles between Pranav (Tapti) and Pratap (Jamuna)was taken by Pranav. The third singles, between Varun (Tapti) and Nitish (Jamuna), the famous doubles players of institute, was one by Varun(2-1). In the doubles, Varun and Pranav(Tapti) played against Sundar and Pratap(Jamuna). Jamuna lost in direct sets, which made it let the finals slip away from its hands.

The finals were held on 12th March in SAC. Other than the players from Tapti and Alak for the finals and Ganga and Jamuna for the loser’s finals, there were cheerleaders from the hostels as well. The much awaited match of the day was between ½ kg of Alak and Maa of Tapti, which unfortunately did not happen as ½ kg decided to play in the third singles. The first singles, thus took place between Maa and Harish, in which Maa uprooted his opponent easily. The second singles between Krishnakanth (Tapti) and Rohan (Alak) was won by Krishnakanth like a cakewalk. In the doubles, ½ kg teamed up with Harish against Maa and Icock of Tapti. Amidst the cheers of “Who will win the Schroeter?” Maa and Icock led Tapti to gold in badminton Schroeter.

In the loser’s finals between Ganga and Jamuna, Ganga won bronze in a match which was longer and more suspenseful than the finals. The second set of doubles between Nishanth and Aneesh of Ganga and Sundar and Pratap of Jamuna decided Ganga’s bronze in Badminton Schroeter. The highlighting factor of this year’s badminton Schroeter was the enthusiasm of Freshers in Participation. Most of the teams had at least one Fresher, who played like a professional.

Overall Results –

1st – Tapti, 2nd – Alak, 3rd – Ganga, 4th – Jamuna

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