Humans of Insti- Hear It From Your Sister

“I feel that students in the institute do not take good care of their health. They tend to skip meals, don’t sleep on time and some don’t even take care of personal hygiene. Many are untidy and don’t take bath everyday while some don’t even bother to brush their teeth daily. Girls in the institute are very lucky because often when they fall sick, five-to-six guys are present to help her and get her food!”

Secretary Review: International and Alumni Affairs Secretary – Rohit Kothari

“Rohit says that despite the workload for an Institute Secretary being quite high, the immense networking opportunities it provides makes the post worth the trouble. He indicates that the administration was extremely helpful and never proved to be a hindrance for any of his work.” Read to learn about the International and Alumni Affairs Secretary’s tenure between 2014 and 2015.