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We’re commemorating publishing our 100th post on Instagram with a list that looks back on some of our best content over the years. Thank you for your sustained interest and readership, and feel free to send us an email¬† at [email protected], comment on any of our articles on our website or message us on our social media platforms if you would like to give us feedback or suggestions!


Forty Minutes With a Fields Medalist

This is an interview with Dr. Manjul Bhargava, an Indian origin mathematician who won the Fields Medal for his outstanding contributions to number theory. In addition to being an accomplished mathematician, he is also a tabla player and learnt to play the instrument under the tutelage of gurus – one of whom was Ustad Zakir Hussain himself. Read on for more insight about his life, ideas and how he draws his inspirations from Sanskrit poetry.

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How Google Deep Dream Sees Insti

One among our many SciTech articles, this piece cuts the mathematical clutter and deconstructs the working of neural networks in way that is easy to follow. The highlight of this article however, is not the breakdown of the concept but the pictures that follow. All we will say is, don’t look at them just before sleeping if you want pleasant dreams tonight!

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Insti Whatsit Person

An op-ed submitted to us anonymously, this article ticks all the boxes for a humorous piece! Read on to discover a scarily real narration of a day in the life of a serial procrastinator (we’ve all been there).

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Campus Placements: An Incomplete Choice

For an op-ed published 6 years ago and authored by a student who graduated in 2011, this article is as relevant today as ever. The author puts forth his arguments and thoughts on the infamous ‘Higher Studies vs Placement’ debate, all while pointing out how decision making for a student works in the insti environment. Agree or disagree, this well written piece of commentary is a great starting point for a discussion with friends at Ramu Tea Stall¬†Himalaya Food Court.

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Women, Engineering, Science and Insti

There are more women in STEM than ever before, but how has the landscape for women been since the inception of insti? This article traces that history from as early as the ’80s to the present day. From a Sarayu bursting at its seams – to the first batch to ever reside in Sharavati, read on to find insightful takes from 6 female professors who are also insti alumni!

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