Techsoc Robotics


robotics2nd November 2009 was always going to be a special one in the Techsoc calender with the most awaited event on the charts – Robotics, being held on this day. Despite being a Sunday, it was a far cry from the languid Sundays which all of us eagerly await after a long week of toil and hard work. Throughout the day, participants were busy at work, sparkling with vigour, determined to make their ‘bots work at their optimum efficiency. As the day progressed, it was finally evening 5:30 pm and the event kickstarted at CFI amidst all the energy and cheering.

The problem statement, stated each team should have three bots – a lumberjack bot, a crane bot and a builder bot. With a coordinated working of these bots, the teams had to build buildings from Rubik’s cubes provided to them. The event consisted of 10 minute matches between two teams and progressed with knock out rounds.

As the matches rolled out, the technical marvel was out on display in full glory! A wide variety of strategies – some good, others better – were tried out and finally it boiled down to the semi finals. In the semis, Saras and Jam defeated Mandak and Alak respectively to battle it out in the finals. Saras had the best working robots as acknowledged by the coords. Jam got their strategy and planning bang on to make sure it was a battle where the best competed the best !

The event lasted past midnight and the usually quiet CFI was buzzing with activity and excitement. After a fairly eventful finals, in which one of the Saras bots failed, Jam emerged as the winners. Saras finished second. Mandak and Alak reached semis. Congratulations to the winners ! As various teams win different events, the fight for winning the Techsoc just keeps getting hotter

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