How to: Manage Without CSU Coupons


Introduction of Cash card system

himalayaThe system for extras served at the messes are presently done through the coupons. Coupons are printed by HM and issued to the students from hostel offices and the amount is being charged to the mess bill. The students are using the coupons for getting extras from the messes. The coupons are surrendered to the HM by the caterers and the payments are being made to the caterers based on the coupons surrendered by them.

This system is now being changed to a cash card system where each student will be issued a cash card (similar to an ATM card). This card is operational through the point of transaction machines to be installed at the messes. The recharging of the cash card is to be done at the CCW office with the payment of the amount to be through the point of sale machine of State Bank of India, using SBI ATM / debit card, to CCW account. Payment slips are to be submitted along with the card number to be charged. The limit for recharge of cards is min Rs 100/- and in multiples of Rs 50/ – thereafter. All payments received for recharge  up to 3.00 p.m will be uploaded by 3.30 p.m and payments received after 3.00 p.m will be done on the succeeding day. Students will have to use the exclusive challans available at CCW office for the payments to be made for charging of the cards.

Other functions:

  1. Loss of card  to be intimated  to CCW  for blocking the card  between 9.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m on all  working days.
  2. Card to card transfer from terminal installed at CCW
  3. Surrender of card/ refund of balance / request  for duplicate card  to be made with CCW.
    1. Surrender of card –  Card to be surrendered with CCW and balance if any will be added to mess deposit
    2. Refund of balance – The unspent balance available in the card  can be withdrawn on written request  with the card.The balance will be credited to mess deposit account
    3. Request in writing to be made  with a payment of Rs 75/- through POS machine and  duplicate card  will be delivered by FSS  after seven working days
    4. Request in writing to be made  with a payment of Rs 10/- through POS machine and duplicate PIN  will be delivered by FSS  after seven working days.

Each card to the student will contain the name, roll number and the card number. The pass word (PIN MAILER) will be issued along with the cash card in closed cover. Students are requested to check the card and password cover after receipt. Since the transactions are password protected, no request will be entertained by CCW for reversal of any transactions made by the card holder.

Any loss of card is to be intimated to CCW immediately for blocking the card during office hours. Students are requested to ensure strict secrecy on the use of password and card . The onus of safe keeping of card and protection of pass word rests with the students – the card holders only. The card shall be invalid after the date of validity printed on the card.

On being contacted by T5E, the Student’s General Secretary, Simbu , said that the cards have already been ordered and the system should be in place by this Monday i.e. the 26th of October.

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