Institute Soapboxes (Day 2): Students’ General Secretary

The Students General Secretary Soapbox was the second soapbox on Day 2 of the Institute Soapboxes, held on 9 March. It was preceded by the soapbox for the Hostel Affairs Secretary, which had a single running candidate. The contesting SGS candidates this year are Sai Kiran G L and Dheeraj Kumar Reddy. As per standard Soapbox procedure, the candidates presented their manifestos and corresponding visions for the Institute.

Institute Soapboxes (Day 2): Hostel Affairs Secretary

The second day of Soapbox began with the unanimous candidate for Hostel Affairs Secretary, Ashwanth Monian, a third year student from the Department of Chemical Engineering. It is to be noted that the event had a very low turnout, and the turnout mainly comprised of the candidate’s team. Thus the candidate finished speaking about his vision for his tenure as HAS in approximately 10 minutes, understandably so, due to the lack of audience members who weren’t already acquainted with his manifesto.

Institute Soapboxes (Day 1): Co-Curricular Affairs Secretary and Academic Affairs Secretary

“With the election season underway in full swing, Wednesday marked the return of the annual soapboxes, albeit with a slight variation in the format. In this new format, candidates facing a contest would battle it out against one another while unanimous candidates would be engaged in a discussion with the anchor. Questions from the Executive Council Members and the GSB would follow.”

Made in Insti: Detect Technologies

“Working in a company like Detect which involves people from across various fields, says Daniel, gives you an experience that academic life simply cannot. “In fact”, he adds, “our firm is proof that students from IIT Madras, if provided the right guidance in technology, can generate more intellectual property than even PhD scholars from big universities can. We even foster other startups to grow out from Detect Technologies from the problem statements that we identify from the industries.”