From the Horse’s Mouth: Why SOC?


The SOC team is responsible for carrying out myriad of sports activities and sports fests such as Schroeter, GF and KR tournament and other inter-collegiate tournaments in a seamless manner and strives to work towards popularising sports in insti and to provide necessary facilities for the same. Sports Organising Committee falls under the purview of the Sports Secretary, who is also the head of SOC.
The SOC has received much deserved appreciation due to the hard work they have put in-especially in the last year- to not just spread the word about various sports in insti, but also to motivate the sportsmen through activities like coming up with videos of the players performing their craft and identifying sportsmen by acknowledging their skills and abilities on social media.
Under the current state of things, SOC has 3 teams, namely Sponsorship and Publicity, Design and Media, and Facilities and Hospitality.

  1. Sponsorship and Publicity:

Team Structure:
1 head and 4 coordinators
1. To obtain sponsors for jerseys, track suits and other paraphernalia
2. To publicize sports events and increase reach on social media
Learning outcomes:
1. Chance to learn how to pitch for obtaining sponsorship dynamically, where the needs and circumstances change for every sports fest and sport itself
2. Learn how to use social media to get positive word across and use creativity to attain the objective of publicising sports

  1. Design and Media:
    Team Structure: Design:1 head and 3 coordinators
    Media: 1 head and 4 coordinators

1. To facilitate coverage of aforementioned sporting events by taking pictures and videos of the same.
2. To design posters to be put up in hostels for various sporting events as well as online posters.
3. To design jerseys for Inter IIT sports meet and other fests
Learning outcomes:
1. Learn to use photoshop and similar softwares to design posters, brochures and jerseys.
2. Over abundance of opportunities to learn sports photography and videography, not to mention chance to witness the events themselves.

  1. Facilities and Hospitality:
    Team structure: 1 core and 4 coordinators
    1. To provide for sports facilities required during various tournaments and sports fests.
    2. To provide for accommodation for visiting students and coaches for the events hosted by IITM
    Learning outcomes:
    1. Opportunities to interact with sports persons from various colleges and states.
    2. Learn to act on your feet owing to the challenges thrown by the dynamic nature of work.
    3. Freedom to give inputs and ideas without being pulled by hierarchy.
    4. Chance to know about and learn new sports.

Note: As the Inter IIT Sports Meet is planned to happen here, the Inter IIT Organising committee will be overtaking the responsibilities of SOC for only the upcoming year.

This is an interesting PoR for those of you who wish to be associated with sports in insti in some way or the other.

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