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Posts published in April 2016

10 Things to do in campus when bored

Monotony in life is a guaranteed fact, especially once the semester gears up for the last couple of months. Days are spent in one infinite…

Breaking Boundaries in Shaastra

The technical festival of an institution is the time for students to display their technical prowess. A total of 3 records (2 Guinness and 1 National) were broken in this edition of Shaastra.

Run through for some intriguing insights on how these feats were achieved.

IIT Madras Tops National Rankings

In what is a heartening news for the IIT Madras community, our institute has been ranked as the best engineering institute in the country.

Doing Away with Primative Ways

Two weeks back, Prakriti, institute’s wildlife club, sent out a mail seeking volunteers for their new Floral Pois initiative. One of the innovative features of…