Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Shivaprasad Ramesh, Co-Curricular Affairs Secretary

Shiva’s tenure saw a fairly high success rate of around 65%, with an additional 35% of his manifesto points remaining incomplete. Although a lot of the issues faced were unforeseen, there were quite a few promising points of his manifesto that went unimplemented like the E-waste collection drive or the revamping of the structure of Tech-Soc, which could have yielded good long term results. Shiva signs off saying: “The institute’s tech culture has given me all that I have made of myself here. I only wanted to extend the same by making things easier for my fellow students in all things technical inside insti”.

Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Anand Babu, Hostel Affairs Secretary

Anand, in his tenure as the Hostel Affairs Secretary, has implemented most of the initiatives that promised comfort and convenience to the student community. While a few novel initiatives could not be implemented on account of feasibility, many others have been set in motion. Seeing as how many of these points find mention in Kishore Kumar’s manifesto and the fact that both of them have already started working together, one can expect to see their completion. We congratulate Anand on the completion of his tenure and wish Kishore all the best.

Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Bipin Babu, Sports’ Affairs Secretary

Overall, working through a tenure with more ups and downs than usual, Bipin amassed a success rate of 39.28% against a 44.73% failure rate in terms of completing manifesto points. He introduced the day scholar allocation system and conducted the intra-institute chess competition successfully, but a few points of great value such as the Athletics Talent Hunt, which would have helped the contingent immensely, and the EML series by sportspersons are the things that many had looked forward to but didn’t take off. Bipin passed on the baton to Sethu Madhavan on Institute Day. We wish him the best of luck.