Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

Month: December 2013

From IITM Memes to Shaastra to the T5E page itself - there are tons of insti-based Facebook pages of all kinds lying out there waiting to be discovered. If you are an Internet addict, you’ll find yourself familiar with most of them. In this piece, Isha tries to highlight the more interesting pages, the ones you might want to like and share and, of course, stalk.... Read More
Pizza Mutiny is a brand that many insti students are familiar with, by virtue of their notebooks that are, apart from being very reasonably priced, also popular for the sets of free coupons and the ‘bunk meters’ that come along with them. “It felt great every time a student thanked us because he just got an extra Papa Johns Pizza because of our coupons,” AP says. The ‘bunk meter’ and timetable, although simple additions, seemed to be “things everyone actually found useful”.... Read More
Come December and Chennai gears up for its much-awaited festival - the Madras Music Season or December Season. This cultural extravaganza rates higher on the excitement scale than any conventional festival celebrated here. Hotel and taxi bookings peak to the zenith and crowds from Chennai and outside hop from one sabha to another to witness their favourite artistes perform. Ranjani tells us about Chennai's December season.... Read More