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Posts published in June 2013

Dual Degree Projects: A Rule Too Rigid?

Devaansh Samant looks at the newly enforced ruling on Dual Degree Projects- a rule that strictly mandates a 12-month period of work on the project

How Much Is Enough? The Fee Hike Issue

"Although a section of the society feels that IITians must recognise the value of what they are receiving here and pay their dues responsibly, another feels that this hike is a step towards today’s ultimate evil – privatisation."

Rescheduled Workshops

Conspicuously absent in the IITM landscape this past year has been the sight of beleaguered, khaki-clad freshers, cycling to and from the Central Workshop.

T5E Travelogue: Wayanad, Kerala’s Hidden District

My first memory of Kerala is the hypnotizing smell that accompanies the first showers falling on the bright red ground. The rain keeps falling, not stopping for even a second, as if enchanted by the ground.