How many of these can you tick off? Test yourself in this (un)official course on insti life.

  1. Got an Insti Nick.
  2. Put  a Night Out – Breakfast was the last meal before going to sleep.
  3. Participated in Shaastra/Saarang/Dept. Fests.
  4. Attended a Saarang Dance Workshop.
  5. Was a Lit Soc/Tech Soc/Schroeter junkie.
  6. Worshipped “Guru”.
  7. Started conversing in insti lingo as your natural mode of speech.
  8. Learnt NEW Language(s): (Programming ones don’t count!)
  9. Obtained a Saarang/Shaastra/Vol Badge.
  10. Obtained a Saarang/Shaastra Coord Badge.
  11. Obtained a Saarang/Shaastra Core Badge.
  12. Learnt a NEW sport.
  13. Represented Insti at Inter-IIT/NYC Next/GE Edison/any similar competition.
  14. Celebrated Insti Veshti Day!
  15. Explored lIT -M Research Park.
  16. Thulped at an Andhra Mess.
  17. Visited all 6 Insti gates.
  18. Managed to maintain one cycle throughout Insti life.
  19. “Christened” a freshie!
  20. Head banged at Saarang Rock Show.
  21. Have at least 3 Insti tees from each year spent in Insti.
  22. Picked up a NEW hobby/interest
  23. Had an early morning breakfast at Dream’s Nest.
  24. Mugged at Cen. Lib.
  25. Have a Grade Card that “spells a word”.
  26. Can manipulate Chennai Autowalas peacefully!
  27. Believed that Bathing is a social obligation and not a daily ritual!
  28. Put Treat(s).
  29. Spent a summer in Insti.
  30. Discovered the legendary “Beware of Crocodiles” Board.
  31. Played under flood lights.
  32. Saw the sunrise at Elliot’s Beach.
  33. Put Non-Comp performance in Lit Soc.
  34. Watched the Saturday Night movie(s) at OAT.
  35. Attended EML(s).
  36. Spent night(s) slogging in CFI.
  37. Got Birthday “wishes”.
  38. Had one thing that was shared by a Hazaar Junta in your wing.
  39. Been an active part of Insti Clubs.
  40. Went on a Road Trip (Cycling/Bike/Car).
  41. Regular visitor of Bhajji Shop/Tidel Bakery/Sangeeth/GRT(K).
  42. Know why this point is the answer to “Life, The Universe and Everything”!
  43. Believe that Xerox is the greatest invention of all time.
  44. Worked for a social cause (NSS doesn’t count). Ex: Teach for India, Blood Donation.
  45. Became a fan of some webcomic(s) (xkcd and the like).
  46. Visited Guindy National/Snake Park.
  47. Taken the Border Road.
  48. Visited all Hostels/Water Tanks/Oxidation Pond.
  49. Put a movie marathon with friends.
  50. Had GTalk chat(s) with your room neighbour.
  51. Did your laundry yourself.
  52. Swept your room yourself.
  53. Put the same photo on more than 3 mess cards.
  54. Know your Room Father/Brother/Mother/Sister.
  55. Believed that CLT, ICSR and SAC were “cool” places to “chill” out!
  56. Gate crashed hostel ice-cream night(s).
  57. Ran up a 100 bucks overdue at Cen. Lib.
  58. Did all Tuts for a course on your own.
  59. Watched an India-Pak match in the common room.
  60. Got chucked out of CCD at closing time!
  61. Celebrated a birthday in front of TBH.
  62. RGed junta by removing the cycle carrier.
  63. Got mugged by Insti monkeys!
  64. Partied at GRT or the likes of it.
  65. Slept for 12+ hours straight.
  66. Contested an Insti/Hostel Election.
  67. Used a hacksaw as a spare key for your room.
  68. Watched a match at Chepauk.
  69. Have Gymkhana Card(s).
  70. Tried and “Tasted” all the Messes.
  71. Visited Insti Heritage Centre.
  72. Had Lunch/Dinner at Taramani Guest House/Bose-Einstein Guest House.
  73. Visited all 16 departments.
  74. Attended a concert in Chennai. (Non-Insti)
  75. Held a sub-50 rank on DC++ Anagrams.
  76. Participated in the Terry Fox Run(s).
  77. “Walked” the Insti bus route.
  78. “Contributed to research” at MUF.
  79. Got a pic with Blackbuck/Deer in the same frame.
  80. Contributed to T5E/Reflections/any other institute magazine/publication.
  81. Visited Campus Cafe/MSB Mallu Canteen between classes.
  82. Asked a doubt in class that the Prof. could not answer!
  83. Stargazed from HSB roof top.
  84. Been to DoS office.
  85. Made friends in other colleges in Chennai.
  86. Had coffee with a Prof.
  87. Had dinner/lunch with an Alum.
  88. Saw Players from Indian Team practice at Chemplast.
  89. Tifs meant Filter Coffee, Dosa, Bournvita
  90. Located the legendary IIT Madras Water tank!
  91. Attended a Class you DID NOT register for!
  92. Had second dinner(s) at Basera.
  93. Played Holi by “The IIT-M rules”.
  94. Have Saarang/Shaastra/Film Club Poster(s).
  95. Got Hazaar Treat for finding an item listed on a LOST IP.
  96. Went to Pondy/Mahabs for a weekend.
  97. Appeared in an Insti Adieu video!
  98. Wrote an RG for someone.
  99. Honoured at Institute Day.
  100. You want to add at least ten points not found on the list!
  101. Got EARNED your Degree.



Course Coordinators:
Pramod ‘PDF’ Kasi, Kaushik S. Mohan, Partha Sarathi ‘MUX’ Pati, Lohit Vankina

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