Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

6 thoughts on “TT: My Cup of Tea

  1. Wow! Extremely well expressed and love the sport person, coming out in words and taking us through the journey.
    The precise ness and the descriptive nature of the article transports the reader to a different zone. Seeing the game through your eyes!
    Keep up the good work beta!!

  2. So brilliantly penned down. Your expertise with the language and your passion with game provide a perfect blendto the write-up. Way to go girl!

  3. Adriza, to say I loved reading your story would be an understatement! Right from the start it gripped my attention and even when I know very little about the sport you write about, I just couldn’t stop! When deep thoughts meet with rich articulation, the effect is pure magic! And magic is what you produced! Adriza, you have one person in me who will want to be among the first few to know when you write again!! You rock, girl!! Keep playing, keep writing!!

  4. Amazingly well articulated, with just the right mix of humour and technical details that entices the reader to continue to look for more , even after the end of the article! Well done Vani, and keep it up!

  5. Beautifully expressed ! The love for the sport and the perfectly expressed thoughts makes it a very engaging article . Keep writing ! You rock !

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