Looking Back: An X-ray view through Saarang and Shaastra 2016

“A month before Saarang and Shaastra 2017, we take a look at these two fests for the previous year, particularly their composition in terms of both financial and team structure, to find out what makes them really click. This article is aimed at throwing light on how big Saarang and Shaastra are and how coherently their teams work to make them possible.”

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Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Shivaprasad Ramesh, Co-Curricular Affairs Secretary

Shiva’s tenure saw a fairly high success rate of around 65%, with an additional 35% of his manifesto points remaining incomplete. Although a lot of the issues faced were unforeseen, there were quite a few promising points of his manifesto that went unimplemented like the E-waste collection drive or the revamping of the structure of Tech-Soc, which could have yielded good long term results. Shiva signs off saying: “The institute’s tech culture has given me all that I have made of myself here. I only wanted to extend the same by making things easier for my fellow students in all things technical inside insti”.

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Tech At Its Best – The CFI Open House

The CFI Open House – the flagship event of CFI – is back this year with a plethora of technical projects, live demos, enriching technical presentations and static displays. The CFI Open House, originally started with the intention of improving faculty-student relations in the Shaastra and CFI sphere, has now evolved into a veritable platform for students to display their projects and get appreciated for their work.

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Inconvenient Truths: Zero Deer Deaths!

‘Perhaps the most significant change was the decision to bar vehicles from entering the campus during the Saarang and Shaastra shows…The measures that the Shaastra and Saarang teams implemented have certainly made the campus safer for deer and other animals — there was not a single case of deer death reported during the two fests.” As part of ‘Inconvenient Truths’, our series on the environmental conundrums facing IITM’s campus, Nitin and Kalyani look into how measures taken by the organizers of both insti fests culminated in a clean chit from Prakriti.

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A Brief Chat with Kris Gopalakrishnan and Rajiv Lochan

“Print media is dependent upon revenue but we believe advertisers would come where there are readers and today’s readers are not willing to accept nonsense. Our policy on pricing reflects that. It does not matter whether our competitors are pricing at rates that are atrociously low. Our content stands out and readers are willing to pay for that.” — Rajiv Lochan, CEO of The Hindu.

An exclusive T5E interview with Rajiv Lochan and Krish Gopalakrishnan, from their appearance at the Shaastra Entrepreneurship Confluence. Read their views on startups and jobs for engineering graduates.

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Bridging the Gap: An Interview With Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula

“I have a feeling that if we figured out a way to hold a yearlong Shaastra, both our students and outside students could benefit in the longer run. It’ll be like four days of sampling a set of activities, versus being part of a set of activities, even if it is a smaller set, for a longer duration of time. I think we need to figure out a balance between these two.”

Dr Mahesh Panchagnula gives us his views on the current state of co-curricular affairs in the institute, and on the impact of student activities.

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