Goodbye, 2016

“2016 was the end of an epoch, so I feel.

When the year ends with fireworks and celebrations, we all are much older than we thought. Particularly those of my generation who are now in their early twenties. We have lost a lot of things right now. There’s no George Michael. He left us last Christmas. Debby Reynolds and Carrie Fisher left together. I guess the mother couldn’t let her daughter go alone.

Alan Rickman. Yeah, we all loved him very much. For me personally, more than Snape, Alan Rickman was Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, a movie that I must have watched at least thirty times. And now watching it feels so alien. This is one reason why you shouldn’t get emotionally attached to everything.”

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Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Ashwin Pananjady (More)

“If there was one change I would like to see in insti, it would be for the mini-institutions that we have created to do more than just make the rich richer – to become less elitist, to foster learning and not competition, to value initiative over reputation, and talent over popularity. “

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