An Interview with Purvi Gupta: On an Antarctic Expedition

“The expedition to Antarctica is a dream come true,” says Purvi. “Antarctica is the ultimate symbol of global collaboration—the place which requires no visa and has been established as a zone of peace and science. My participation in Homeward Bound is primarily about gender parity and climate change in the backdrop of Antarctica,”

T5E speaks to insti alumna and former Sharav GenSec Purvi Gupta, the only Indian in a group of 80 women who will embark on an expedition to Antarctica to raise awareness about the dearth of women in STEMM worldwide.

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Pre-Shaastra Spotlight Lecture: Balaji Viswanathan

“The Indian startup scenario is highly competitive with more than one startup working on a similar idea. A few are destined to fail. However, this is no way an indicator of the startup ecosystem in India.” From startup culture to the Maker revolution and its potential for India, Balaji Viswanathan talked about a gamut of things. His enthusiasm and passion are sure to leave a lasting impression on the students who attended his talk. The Shaastra pre-lecture series could not have gotten a better start!

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Humans of Insti- Hear It From Your Sister

“I feel that students in the institute do not take good care of their health. They tend to skip meals, don’t sleep on time and some don’t even take care of personal hygiene. Many are untidy and don’t take bath everyday while some don’t even bother to brush their teeth daily. Girls in the institute are very lucky because often when they fall sick, five-to-six guys are present to help her and get her food!”

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Bridging the Gap: An Interview With Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula

“I have a feeling that if we figured out a way to hold a yearlong Shaastra, both our students and outside students could benefit in the longer run. It’ll be like four days of sampling a set of activities, versus being part of a set of activities, even if it is a smaller set, for a longer duration of time. I think we need to figure out a balance between these two.”

Dr Mahesh Panchagnula gives us his views on the current state of co-curricular affairs in the institute, and on the impact of student activities.

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On SPIC MACAY: An Interview with the Founder

“What is your message to IIT Madras students?

You are much brighter and sharper than we were as students in IIT. But there are two things which you are lacking: a little bit of patience and a little bit of faith. The basic premises on which most of the great thought processes are developed have been these two.”

Shruti Badole interviews Dr. Kiran Seth, the founder of SPIC MACAY.

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Off the Beaten Track: An Interview with Anil Ananthaswamy

Anil Ananthaswamy (BT/EE/1985) is an acclaimed science writer. He is a consultant for New Scientist, a leading science magazine published in the UK, where he has worked in various capacities since 2000.

His first book, The Edge of Physics (published in India as The Edge of Reason) was chosen as the Book of the Year 2010 by Physics World, a magazine published by the Institute of Physics, UK. He was also awarded their inaugural Physics Journalism Prize in February 2013, for his feature on the Square Kilometre Array. His writings have also appeared in various other outlets.

After his B.Tech, Anil did an MSEE from the University of Washington and worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, before he realized his true calling was writing about science. He trained as a science journalist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he is now a guest lecturer.

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