Team Speaks: Inter-IIT Chess Meet

Every year, Inter-IIT organizing boards dilly-dally about whether to include chess or not. Alleged that it is not even considered a sport event at times, chess’s staid and sober appearance doesn’t get much fan following even among the Inter-IIT organizers across the country. “Actually, chess was tried only as a trial sport at the Inter-IITs from 2009 to 2011 with Bombay winning all of them, but the organizing IITs refused to conduct it in 2012 and 2013 stating that it wasn’t a physical sport”, says Nitin.

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Team Speaks: Table Tennis

Table tennis; more ‘fondly’ known as ping pong is surely the sport which is not as funny as it sounds. Regarded worldwide as a precision sport, it is one of those where the person has to harness his/ her strength meticulously.

In this article of the inter-IIT series, we talk about the Forrest Gumps of the insti who are more than ready to battle for the medal.

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