Humans of Insti: The Campus Cafe

The one vantage point for all the voracious hoggers is the Campus Cafe. This always abuzz food joint has an aura to it. Not to forget the increase in popularity it received after its recent shift to the new, more spacious location. For a lot of us, Campus Cafe is still a remarkable place to have a break in between the tedious lecture hours (sometimes, during).

The one thing that makes this humble place close to our heart is, we realized, the people and the staff.

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Gender-Based Harassment: A Reality on Campus?

“In this first article in T5E’s gender series, we break down our survey of 815 students and expose serious deficiencies in our understanding of sexual crimes on campus as well as the institute’s mechanisms for addressing them. In all, we received responses from 815 students.”

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Living through the cyclone

The cyclone Vardah had struck and it had certainly made its presence felt in the institute. With several of the beloved trees uprooted and things in general shaken pretty badly , it was a reportedly harrowing experience. On the brighter side, electricity is restored and normalcy is getting restored too. In this article, Paravthi puts together a lighter take on things. Which much seems to be the need of the hour.

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