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Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Abhishek Sharma, International and Alumni Relations Affairs Secretary

Abhishek’s tenure has seen the start of quite a few long-term programmes and the restructuring of the committee. Proposals such as the I&AR Student Council Rulebook which states the role and duties of every member of the team and the proposal to continue the branding of the institute, this time via domestic events such as Shaastra, Saarang, CFI and so on

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Election Matters : AAS, IAR Sec and CoCAS Soapboxes

In the this article, we present summaries of the soapboxes of the following three unanimous candidates: Saketh Shiva, Poojan Patel and Animesh Bagora contesting for the posts of AAS, IAR Secretary and CoCAS respectively. Probably because these post were being contested unanimously, the turnout was quite low. The soapboxes for unanimous candidates seemed dull in comparison with the those for the contested posts.

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