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The Case of the Lying Trees

“Right now, we are removing the decaying trees and cutting off branches of the ones which stand. Tree numbers have grown rapidly in the twenty years I was here. And most of them are invasive. To cut even one tree, permission from the office of the Director is required. Even the students demand a reason whenever they come across someone cutting a tree in the institute. I think it is nice that everyone feels the responsibility to inquire.”

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Living through the cyclone

The cyclone Vardah had struck and it had certainly made its presence felt in the institute. With several of the beloved trees uprooted and things in general shaken pretty badly , it was a reportedly harrowing experience. On the brighter side, electricity is restored and normalcy is getting restored too. In this article, Paravthi puts together a lighter take on things. Which much seems to be the need of the hour.

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