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Beyond the Gates Archives - The Fifth Estate

Beyond The Gates: Chamiers Café

“The chandeliers, beautiful white curtains, the litany of wall hangings and the ever-so-comfy chairs all scream elegance. Once we were settled down, we looked through their elaborate menu – which offers a wide range of continental all-day breakfast options, Italian and a melangè of French/Danish pastries – in quest of something we liked.”

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Beyond the Gates: Taramani Food Crawl

For all those who want the Chennai street food experience and aren’t too snooty to actually try it, T5E presents a series of food crawls – an area-wise assessment of the top five push carts and mobile stalls and the quintessential ‘potti kadais’. In this, the second edition, Padma explores a bunch of little shops outside Taramani, and tells you where to go and where not to go.

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Beyond the Gates: The December Season

Come December and Chennai gears up for its much-awaited festival – the Madras Music Season or December Season. This cultural extravaganza rates higher on the excitement scale than any conventional festival celebrated here. Hotel and taxi bookings peak to the zenith and crowds from Chennai and outside hop from one sabha to another to witness their favourite artistes perform.

Ranjani tells us about Chennai’s December season.

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Beyond the Gates: A Book-lover’s Delight

In this series of articles, T5E goes beyond the gates of insti to explore Chennai, and present our readers with interesting and useful information about our beautiful city. First up, Akshyah tells us about some of the many places in and around the city which sell a wide variety of second-hand books at cheap prices.

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