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Immerse, is the annual science publication of The Fifth Estate, student media body of IIT Madras. It stands for IIT Madras Magazine on Research in Science and Engineering, where the endeavour is not only to showcase some of the recent developments in research and innovation at IIT Madras, but also to communicate the science behind them in the simplest way possible for better understanding and appreciation.

Team Immerse:


Executive Editor

Sriraghav Srinivasan ssriraghav@gmail.com +91-9952050855


Ivana Ashmita Minz  R Mythreyi
Malayaja Chutani Praneeth Srivanth


Akhil Sathuluri H. V. Raghavendra Kanka Ghosh
Nikitha Damaraju Priya Khola Ramya Kannan
Sharmila Balamurugan Sherlyn Jemimah Shivani Guptasarma
Sruthi Guru Venkataraman Ganesh



This year marks the third year of Immerse. Our cover page this year is in celebration of 2015 – UNESCO’s International Year of Light. Just like the seven colours of light, this year’s issue covers a spectrum of seven themes – communication, computing, economics, health, energy, defense and materials. In each of these features, besides the technical and emotional facets of research at IITM — from the faculty’s passion and expertise to the research scholars’ enthusiasm and perseverance — we have tried to share with you our own fascination for the admirable work going on. We hope our stories will interest you.



Editor in Chief

Nithyanand Rao


Arjun Bhagoji Raghavi Kodati Vishakh Hegde

Executive Editor, T5E

Viswajith Venugopal

Senior Contributors

Aroon Narayanan Shilpa Menon


Aahlad Manas Ananth Sundararaman Bhargavi Suryanarayanan
Gautham Krishnan Liza Tom Nithin Ramesan
Ranjani Srinivasan Varun Gangal Vivek Sarda

Cover Design

Anant Gupta


Shubham Jain Bhavik Rasyara

Design, Conceptualization and Production

Nithyanand Rao Arjun Bhagoji Raghavi Kodati
Shilpa Menon Vishakh Hegde


Executive Editor

Poorna Kumar

Editor in Chief

Nithyanand Rao

Managing Editor

Vishakh Hegde


Arjun Bhagoji Ananth Yalamarthy Aroon Narayanan
Aravindabharathi R Isha Bhallamudi Raghavi Kodati
Ranjani Srinivasan Sachin Nayak Shruti Badole
Sneha Reddy


Executive Editor

Anand Rao

Managing Editor

Sarathram Subbaram


Ananth Yalamarthy Aravindabharathi R Poorna Kumar
Rajaram Suresh Ranjani Srinivasan Reshmi Suresh