Humans of Insti: The Campus Cafe

The one vantage point for all the voracious hoggers is the Campus Cafe. This always abuzz food joint has an aura to it. Not to forget the increase in popularity it received after its recent shift to the new, more spacious location. For a lot of us, Campus Cafe is still a remarkable place to have a break in between the tedious lecture hours (sometimes, during).

The one thing that makes this humble place close to our heart is, we realized, the people and the staff.

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Book and Movie Recommendations: Professor Edition

“The book was gifted to me by my first MTech project advisees, along with a pack of liquor-filled chocolates. Unsure how I treated my students for a year that I received those gifts, but reading Steve Jobs turned out to be an intense experience, worth repeating … I hypothesize that the book tastes better than those chocolates.”

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Are we ready?

The unanticipated December 2015 floods in Chennai put not only the city’s but also the Institute’s disaster management and mitigation measures to test. After the recent warnings of an approaching cyclone, we decided to talk to the authorities in order to gauge the preparedness of the institute to tackle such worst circumstances if they arise. In the following article, we compile the comments by the chairman of CCW, Professor K Sethupathi and Retd. Col. Jayakumar (Joint Registrar, students) along with a few insights from the placement team.

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