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Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Sashank Vadrangi, Academic Affairs Secretary

“Shashank managed a success ratio of nearly 54%, with around 4% of the promised points in his review undergoing completion, and about 36% of the points remaining incomplete. Thus, he has managed overall to implement close to 60% of his agenda items. He has brought in some long needed changes in the functioning of academic, internship and placement affairs, even though some promising initiatives were left incomplete. “

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Placements 2015 – 2016 : Trends and Statistics (Part 2)

In the second part of the placement report, we look at sector-wise composition of job offers & profiles, day-wise composition of job offers & profiles and preferred sectors across departments & programmes. It is important to analyze the placement data of the previous years and draw inferences while one is preparing for placements. To quote Placements Advisor Prof. Babu, “Pre-final year students should look at the data as well as the inferences and strategize accordingly for their Placement.”

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Up Close With the Stars: Interview with Spandana Raj

“These sessions gave us an opportunity to learn what the others are working towards. They had so much passion for Computer Science that just talking to them was very inspiring. There is so much energy when you are meeting such people who are doing well in their fields, and after coming back, I feel even more motivated to excel.” Spandana Raj, recipient of both this year’s Facebook Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship and the Google Anita Borg Scholarship, speaks to Ananth Sundararaman about her experiences.

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Placement Season 2012

As the placement season approaches, we take a look at the activities that have already begun. Raaj Rohan Reddy, The Academic Affairs Secretary, gives us a behind the scenes glimpse of the placement process.

“There are significant increases in pay packages offered by companies for the last few years and the trend continues this year as well.” He goes on to elaborate on what he reckons is the reason for this positive trend. “Even in these economic conditions, we have a rise in pay packages because of the rising popularity (of the institute) in other countries”, he remarks.

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