Don’t Ban our LAN

“The major problem with the LAN ban’s effectiveness is that it attempts to be a one-size-fits-all solution where none is possible. The 8 am to 2 pm cut is intended to ensure that students do not miss classes due to the internet, but does not take into account the widely differing schedules of students in the institute. For example, final year undergraduates and research scholars have very few courses, while half the first year undergraduates have courses from 2 pm to 5 pm, and not in the morning slot — clearly, the LAN ban constitutes a great inconvenience for such students.”

An editorial that makes a case against the LAN ban.

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Prodigal Profs: Why Alumni Come Back to Teach

‘Smiling widely, Prof. Manokaran says, “It may sound cheesy, but I wanted to come back to make an impact. If you look at the technology that has come out of India in the last ten years, it has made a huge impact. Now we can try to attack the problems where there is a huge demand for innovation. If you ask me why I came to IIT Madras … it’s one of the best places to be, and I don’t mean to brag, but students here are among the best in the world. I feel much more at home in Chennai than anywhere else.”’

Ananth and Aahlad speak to three young alumni professors about their motivations for coming back, their thoughts on what makes IITM unique, their opportunity costs for coming back to India, and much more.

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A New Colour

‘“Look, guys. Yes, I like Shelley. I play AoE. I go trekking with you guys. I watch terrible commercial movies with you in theatres. And I also am gay, yes, a homosexual. This is what I am. It doesn’t matter how you take it. I will continue with my own life”. In the end, friends are friends after all, and you continue putting PJs with them.’
A research scholar talks about the experience of coming out. Also, read about the campus LGBTQ support group, Vannam.

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An Open Letter to ISRO on the Eve of Mangalyaan’s Tryst with Mars

“In the elite club of space faring nations, ISRO, you remind me a lot of the poor school kid. The richer nations do have a lot of resources and capabilities at their disposal, and to be sure, some remarkable achievements as well. Sometimes they may be helpful to you, sometimes just polite, and sometimes plain condescending to you regarding your achievements. Regardless of what the great space powers think about you, please remember that you will be cheered by millions of people in India every time you launch a mission. “

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