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Casual Sexism on Campus: Perspectives From a Male Student

“A simple reflection on the Institute norm would make us realize that casual sexism is quite deeply rooted here, and sometimes leads to egregious cases of sexual harassment. This norm is established quite early – think back to the freshie night comment screen and how it is filled with sexually explicit comments when women perform. Freshie guys are forced to follow freshie girls and get their room and phone numbers, which dangerously normalizes stalking and falsely equates persistent harassment with reward. We’re also introduced to Insti slang fairly early, and one of the most used terms is “rape”. “

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Reflections of Life on Campus: Urvi Shah (MA/HSS/2016)

“It still hurts to have my capabilities and achievements questioned. It still hurts when people don’t think I deserve enough just because I am not an engineer like them. It’s a double burden, being a girl and being in HS. Our kind, we fit into all kinds of stereotypes and jokes. A part of me says it doesn’t matter now. I am out in the world to face bigger battles which is way more intolerant than IIT was of difference. But, another part of me doesn’t want anyone from my department to feel the same as I did however inconsequential my emotions seem in hindsight. The plea is for more tolerance, respect and love for people who are not the same as you are.”

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