PG Accommodation Crisis: Turning a Blind Eye on a Real Problem

“More than the decision, what I was able to observe in the scholars was the anger towards the authoritarian way of decision making by the administration, as always. Many of the scholars were emotionally moved and there was a cry for having a protest. After repeated meetings with the administration by the RAS and scholars, it was decided that there will not be an immediate implementation of the policy, even though it still stays as a policy.”

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The Case of the Lying Trees

“Right now, we are removing the decaying trees and cutting off branches of the ones which stand. Tree numbers have grown rapidly in the twenty years I was here. And most of them are invasive. To cut even one tree, permission from the office of the Director is required. Even the students demand a reason whenever they come across someone cutting a tree in the institute. I think it is nice that everyone feels the responsibility to inquire.”

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Goodbye, 2016

“2016 was the end of an epoch, so I feel.

When the year ends with fireworks and celebrations, we all are much older than we thought. Particularly those of my generation who are now in their early twenties. We have lost a lot of things right now. There’s no George Michael. He left us last Christmas. Debby Reynolds and Carrie Fisher left together. I guess the mother couldn’t let her daughter go alone.

Alan Rickman. Yeah, we all loved him very much. For me personally, more than Snape, Alan Rickman was Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, a movie that I must have watched at least thirty times. And now watching it feels so alien. This is one reason why you shouldn’t get emotionally attached to everything.”

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Looking Back: An X-ray view through Saarang and Shaastra 2016

“A month before Saarang and Shaastra 2017, we take a look at these two fests for the previous year, particularly their composition in terms of both financial and team structure, to find out what makes them really click. This article is aimed at throwing light on how big Saarang and Shaastra are and how coherently their teams work to make them possible.”

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Kashish Forward: Movie Screening and Panel Discussion

“The panel-discussion that followed mainly focused on the activities of Vannam and the manner in which the institute bureaucracy could help foster a conducive setting for LGBTQIA groups and the converse. There was a comment on the planning of buildings on campus that seems to buy into the gender binary quite easily, with exclusive hostel spaces meant exclusively for one gender. One of the students, questioned the sustainability of same-sex relationships, for example. Coming back to Vannam, the discussion steered towards the status of the group as a non-recognized body within campus and the pressing to need to increase its outreach, either through becoming a recognized body or otherwise to promote a sense of tolerance for the other.”

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The Events Behind the SLC Controversy: What Really Happened on 13 October?

“Following these events, Manish, despite having already received a warning, began to assault Arjun Jayakumar, a Pampa legislator and APSC member. Swaminathan, another APSC member, tried to defend Arjun but by picking up a standing fan and attempting to assault Manish with it. The SGS and a few other SLC members broke up the fight. The Speaker requested that decorum be maintained and both Swaminathan and Manish were removed from the hall.”

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