Dengue On A Rise

In yet another seasonal outbreak of Dengue, many students have taken ill with the viral fever in the past one month. While the institute’s marshland and tropical weather are some common reasons cited for the annual outbreak of dengue, many hygiene-related issues have also surfaced in a recent investigation in Narmada hostel.

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Dissent and Derecognition – The APSC issue

The Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC) issue that brought IITM into the spotlight recently and became a trending topic on online media, has brought a great many debates to the forefront — from freedom of speech on campus, caste discrimination in IITM and the classic ‘Right versus Left’ debate, with national media trying to sensationalize the issue through distorted facts and statements. In what follows, T5E has tried to represent the facts and opinions on the events that have transpired from the derecognition of the APSC by speaking to various stakeholders.

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Don’t Ban our LAN

“The major problem with the LAN ban’s effectiveness is that it attempts to be a one-size-fits-all solution where none is possible. The 8 am to 2 pm cut is intended to ensure that students do not miss classes due to the internet, but does not take into account the widely differing schedules of students in the institute. For example, final year undergraduates and research scholars have very few courses, while half the first year undergraduates have courses from 2 pm to 5 pm, and not in the morning slot — clearly, the LAN ban constitutes a great inconvenience for such students.”

An editorial that makes a case against the LAN ban.

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Celebrating Love: A Report

“Close to a hundred students gathered in front of Himalaya lawns at 5 PM on November 14 to register their views on moral policing. A couple of speeches were made, songs were sung, hugs exchanged and cheeks kissed, with the occasional peck on the lips. The organizers maintain that the event was about ‘Celebrating Love’ and not kissing in specific, but the parallel stuck, with it being widely reported by the media as the IIT Madras version of ‘Kiss of Love’. ”

Aroon reports on the recent event, “Celebrating Love”, organized on the IIT Madras campus.

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Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Krishna Rao (Stroke)

“I looked up to the amazingly talented seniors who had the urge to do something good for the community, the drive to excel in whatever they chose to pursue, and yet had the time and patience to address the doubts and concerns of juniors. With that admiration and the constant company of an extremely supportive peer group, different layers of life at insti unfolded.”

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Of Likes, Points and an Ex-LitSec

The rescheduling of Shaastra and Saarang to the first days of January, and the housing of first-year undergraduates in hitherto exclusively post-graduate hostels have resulted in some noticeable changes to the student culture on campus. With the fests falling back-to-back in the vacation, they are attended by fewer insti students, and, additionally, the enthusiasm of students to be in the organising teams of the festivals has declined perceptibly. For the inter-hostel events, which form the major competitive platform for fostering cultural and technical activities within the Institute, UG hostels have usually relied heavily on freshers, inducting them into the ‘culture’ early, so that they could keep the hostel legacy afloat. This year, however, sees a forced departure from that tradition.

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