Just Club Things

Working with overbrimming energy that lasts throughout the semesters, the cultural clubs form the soul of the creative genius that bestows IIT Madras. The cultural clubs have, over the years, burgeoned to accommodate all the enthusiastic junta ranging from the exceptionally talented to the ones who are wanting to breathe new life into their creative cells.

Here is covered, the highlights of the club activities last semester. With events novel and more inclusive than ever, the clubs show great promise for a lot of I-have-always-wanted-to-do-this-stuff moments this semester.

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The Postgraduates Take Centre Stage at Misram

“The beginning of this semester brought with it a hugely-welcomed decision for the postgraduate students in the institute – the stipend hike that they had been hoping for. However, this was not the only reason for cheer among PG students; this academic year marked the beginning of a new initiative aimed exclusively at PG students – Misram, the first PG inter-departmental cultural competition held in the institute during the first two weeks of March. “

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