Through The Goggles Of A Graduate: Shankar Narayanan

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m amazed at how little my resume seems to matter. Even after spending months obsessed with it before placement season. I’d argue that if you graduate with the best possible resume in the batch, but with nobody really knowing or caring about you for the person you are under the external veneer, in so many ways, you graduated broke.

I believe that if enough people realize it, we can transform insti’s definition of success. Away from the moronically simplistic notion that the person with the best resume when he dies wins, to a better thought out definition of a life well lived.

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An Interview with Purvi Gupta: On an Antarctic Expedition

“The expedition to Antarctica is a dream come true,” says Purvi. “Antarctica is the ultimate symbol of global collaboration—the place which requires no visa and has been established as a zone of peace and science. My participation in Homeward Bound is primarily about gender parity and climate change in the backdrop of Antarctica,”

T5E speaks to insti alumna and former Sharav GenSec Purvi Gupta, the only Indian in a group of 80 women who will embark on an expedition to Antarctica to raise awareness about the dearth of women in STEMM worldwide.

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