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Raghavi Rao Kodati, Author at The Fifth Estate

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Raghavi Kodati

Raghavi Kodati, winner of the Governor’s Prize this year was a popular figure in the campus and she puts together her memories of the four years in this brilliant article on her birthday. We wish her a very Happy Birthday and good luck for all her future endeavors. This is the third in the ‘Through the Goggles of a Graduate’ series.

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Know Your SLC: A Brand New Council

The new structure envisioned by the amendments however is radically different from the existing setup – for starters, BCs and hostel Gen-Secs will en bloc be not included in the new SAC and the institute secretaries will remain non-voting members, with an additional ‘executive veto’ power. The new SAC will instead comprise of 50 odd elected ‘legislators’.

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