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M Rupesh Kumar, Author at The Fifth Estate

Made in Insti: What’s Zup

“We have a huge set of data from the students about their transaction patterns. In a couple of years, we plan to leverage our experience in lending and college transactions to enter the student credit market. Say a student needs money during the middle of his semester for untoward emergency, then we can help him avail those loans through the microfinance industries.”

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Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Shivaprasad Ramesh, Co-Curricular Affairs Secretary

Shiva’s tenure saw a fairly high success rate of around 65%, with an additional 35% of his manifesto points remaining incomplete. Although a lot of the issues faced were unforeseen, there were quite a few promising points of his manifesto that went unimplemented like the E-waste collection drive or the revamping of the structure of Tech-Soc, which could have yielded good long term results. Shiva signs off saying: “The institute’s tech culture has given me all that I have made of myself here. I only wanted to extend the same by making things easier for my fellow students in all things technical inside insti”.

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