With the 2018-2019 academic year having come to an end, we take this opportunity to present our annual flagship publication, Immerse. Immerse, IIT Madras’ Research Magazine is an annually published magazine that seeks to communicate the myriad developments in research taking place in the laboratories of IIT Madras, to the student community and beyond.
This year’s edition features a diverse mix of the latest technologies spanning the minute yet powerful world of quantum mechanics, to the large structures that have been successfully created using 3-D printing technology. A PDF of the latest edition can be found here.
With the team of editors and writers having worked round the clock to uphold the high quality of the magazine, this year’s edition promises to be engaging, and we hope it can nudge readers in the direction of research in the future.
If you wish to write to us with your comments/queries/feedback, please do so by dropping an email to: immerse.iitm@gmail.com or to t5e.iitm@gmail.com.
Happy reading!


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