By Anmol Agarwal

T5E presents a detailed report analyzing the trends of the first phase of the 2018-19 internship season, held in the July –  Nov 2018 semester. The second phase of the season will take place in the Jan-May, 2019 semester. This report presents an overview of the internship scenario and discusses the number of students placed, the average number of internship offers made, the impact of the new internship policy and the sectors that visited IITM this time around.

Internship Season at IIT Madras

IIT Madras has always been a hotspot for leading companies to recruit interns. Over the years, thanks to the efforts of everyone on campus and the internship team, in particular, IIT Madras has seen an increase in the number of companies that recruit interns. The 2018-19 season has been the most successful internship season in this regard, with 88 companies having already recruited interns from IIT Madras. This time around, Day 1 was pushed forward by two weeks in order to synchronize the start of IITM’s internship season with that of other IITs and this resulted in a higher number of Day 1 recruiters. The 2018-19 season also witnessed the introduction of a new internship policy which permitted Dual Degree students to sit for interns in either their 3rd or 4th years. Along with the above initiatives, the internship team was expanded to manage the increased number of recruiters and students. On the whole, the internship season has been a success with 319 offers to date.

T5E spoke to Akshay, one of the heads of the internship team and he noted that the phase 1 of internships this year had seen an appreciable growth in all categories such as the number of students placed, the number of companies on campus, the number of winter internship offers, the number of PPOs received and the number of day 1 recruiters.

The following is a detailed report on this year’s internship season (phase 1 only;). We have compiled the internship data (as on 7th January 2019) in the form of graphs and pie charts, which we present below. We will introduce trends and inferences as we go along. At this juncture, T5E would like to acknowledge the support of the Internship Team and the Placement Office for providing the relevant data.


Internships Across Departments & Programmes

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering easily had the highest internship percentage in Phase 1, followed by Electrical Engineering and then Mechanical Engineering. However, the percentages were below 50% in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Ocean Engineering. The number of registrations for the internship season was lower in Bio-Technology, Engineering Physics, Engineering Design, and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering when compared to other branches.

The internship percentage was close to 60% for B.Tech’s while it was surprisingly low for 4th-year Dual Degree students. The internship team attributed this to the fact that most 4th-year Dual Degree students had already completed their curricular internships in the previous year and hence, targeted only specific companies on Day 1 this time around. Owing to the new internship policy, only a handful of 3rd-year Dual Degree students registered for internships this year.

Day 1 at IIT Madras

Day 1 of the 2018-19 internship season saw 16 companies recruit from IIT Madras. This was an increase from the 11 companies that had visited insti during Day 1 of the 2017-18 internship season. IT and software development profiles were the most common profiles offered by recruiters. Financial firms offered profiles in the domain of analytics and these made up a quarter of all profiles on Day 1. Core roles for mechanical and chemical engineers were also offered during Day 1 by companies such as HUL, ITC, and P&G.

Prior to the 2018-19 internship season, there was a lot of heated discussion regarding the new internship policy. B.Tech students had legitimate concerns about bagging internships, particularly on Day 1, given the competition from the 4th-year Dual Degree batch. In retrospect, there appears to have been little cause for concern. A total of 87 offers were made on Day 1 of the internship season and 59 of these were bagged by B.Tech students. The pre-final year Dual Degree students bagged 24 offers and had an edge over their B.Tech counterparts only in the domain of finance.

When asked about the impact of the new internship policy, Akshay noted that “The transition internship policy was executed smoothly and all the visiting companies were made aware of it. The impact of new policy seemed positive, but its actual impact can only be gauged next year when students receive PPO’s. ”

Profiles Offered at IIT Madras

This internship season, IIT Madras welcomed companies from a wide variety of sectors ranging from Research & Development to Business Development. The most common profiles offered by companies were IT & Software Development, Core Engineering, Research and Development, and Analytics (Analytics/Consulting/Finance). As expected, a large number of IT & Software Development profiles were offered by companies and many of these roles were open to all branches. A couple of niche profiles such as market analyst, business development manager and event manager were also offered by some companies.

Profiles Across Departments & Programmes

A significant fraction of students from Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering chose core and R&D profiles. However, there was a noticeable dearth of such profiles in case of other departments such as Civil Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering. IT and Analytics roles were also sought after by a large portion of the B.Tech batch.

With regards to the 4th year Dual Degree batch, there is a clear preference across departments for roles in analytics and finance. Most students in this batch had completed their core internships last year and this internship season enabled them to explore new opportunities.

Looking Forward

Phase 2 of the internship process has already begun. The internship team noted that they had planned in advance for Phase 2, by having companies pre-registered on the portal. The team is focusing on helping M.Tech students obtain interns during this phase and a major initiative in this direction is the inclusion of M.Tech students on the internship portal. To conclude, we are including a few pointers from the heads of the internship team regarding how one should approach and prepare for the internship season.

“Internships serve as a huge stepping stone in your career. The most essential part lies in understanding the different sectors and the myriad opportunities that are present in the industry. The easiest way to do this is to meet seniors who have gone through the internship process and completed their internships.”

“Resumes are a company’s first impression of you and they make or break your chances of landing an intern, particularly with the most prestigious firms. It is essential to start drafting your resume well in advance and feedback from seniors will enable you to build a good resume. Preparation material will be provided by the internship team and the team will also conduct fundae sessions regarding the internship process and the available opportunities. However, we also advise students to talk to their seniors personally. Finally, the key to success is to start early. Do not wait until your fifth semester to start preparations. Start now, finish preparation early and you’ll stand a better chance of getting a great intern.”

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